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Research compendium for the 1989 excavations at Madjedbebe rockshelter, NT, Australia

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posted on 2017-07-05, 02:30 authored by Ben MarwickBen Marwick

This repository contains source code and data to reproduce the data figures and statistics presented in the report on the 1989 excavations at Malakanunja. The report has been published as:

Clarkson, C., Mike Smith, Ben Marwick, Richard Fullagar, Lynley A. Wallis, Patrick Faulkner, Tiina Manne, Elspeth Hayes, Richard G. Roberts, Zenobia Jacobs, Xavier Carah, Kelsey M. Lowe, Jacqueline Matthews, S. Anna Florin 2015 The archaeology, chronology and stratigraphy of Madjedbebe (Malakunanja II): A site in northern Australia with early occupation. Journal of Human Evolution Volume 83, June 2015, Pages 46–64

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