Phenolic profiles and antioxidant capacities of crude extracts and subsequent fractions from Potentilla fruticosa L. leaves

2015-09-15T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Ziwen Luo Shanshan Wang Dongmei Wang

This work aimed to further investigate the phenolic profiles and antioxidant capacities of the crude extracts and the subsequent fractions of Potentilla fruticosa leaves. Result showed that P. fruticosa leaves contained high amounts for hyperoside, ellagic acid and (+)-catechin contents, and the highest amount being registered for hyperoside (17.67 mg g−1). Nine sub-fractions were obtained after column chromatographic separation. EF-3, EF-4, EF-5 and BF-2 presented higher values for their total phenolic or flavonoid, (+)-catechin, ellagic acid and hyperoside content. Besides, EF-3, EF-4, BF-2 and BF-3 showed significant in vitro antioxidant capacities and protective effects on Escherichia coli under peroxide stress. The correlation between chromatograms and antioxidant activity showed that (+)-catechin, ellagic acid and hyperoside may play crucial roles in the antioxidant capacities of P. fruticosa and could be used as chemical markers for its quality assessment. Moreover, this is the first time P. fruticosa leaves have been systematically studied.