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The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds of Vermont

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posted on 03.01.2020, 14:38 authored by Rosalind Renfrew

Online PDF of the printed book:
Rosalind B. Renfrew (ed.). 2013. The Second Atlas of Breeding Birds of Vermont. University Press of New England. 576 pp.

One of the most comprehensive wildlife publications ever produced in the state. This indispensable volume includes full-color photographs, maps, graphs, and insightful interpretations for more than 200 species. It will become a classic reference for birders, ornithologists, conservationists, land use planners or anyone who cares about Vermont wildlife. Documenting changes in breeding bird distributions since the 1985 Atlas, this second generation Atlas will guide our understanding and management of bird species across the state for decades to come.

In addition to accounts of the status of each species breeding in the state, the 576-page Atlas includes a guide to the biogeography of Vermont; and essays on changes in habitats, climate, land use and their impact on Vermont’s bird communities over the past quarter century.


Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department


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