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Lets respect and protect our native land.

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posted on 08.11.2019, 10:00 by Mykola Baier, Vasyliuk Oleksii
The book «Lets respect and protect our native land» in 1919 opened the environmental series of publications of the Poltava Museum of Natural History, making it at least for the next decade, the only scientific institution in Ukraine that issued books on the nature conservation. The book tells us about the extent of the animals’ destruction in the world, in Ukraine and in Poltava region in particular. It is noted that other countries have already begun the creation of national parks (many examples are from the experience of Finland), but Ukraine has nothing to show. It is this book, the first in the world, that raised the question of the devastating impact of agriculture on the environment, and in particular on global climate change. In simple language the author brings to the reader (from children and adult conscious readers) the idea why the loss of native nature is an unacceptable disaster for each of us. In Soviet times, the book was banned. In our time, less than 5 original copies remain.


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