p-ERK1/2 as a meaningful biomarker in triple-negative breast cancer.

A and B. Kaplan-Meier curves showed overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) according to p-ERK1/2 expression. C. Aberrant p-ERK1/2 expression but absent expression of Bik were exhibited in the same triple-negative breast cancer patients’ samples. D. Co-overexpression of p-ERK1/2 and Bcl-Xl or Mcl-1 in the same breast cancer patients’ samples. E. The distribution of p-ERK1/2, Bik, Bcl-Xl and Mcl-1 status categorized by subgroup. F. The relative expression levels of Bik and p-ERK1/2 in eight breast cancer patients (five TNBC and three NTNBC) by western blotting. Semi-quantitative analysis for Bik and p-ERK1/2 expression: β-actin and total ERK1/2 as control respectively.