pBC-3T3 transposition rates.

<p><i>Top panels</i>: Transposition rates were assayed with various amounts of pBC-3T3 (1.6 to 16 nM) and three MOS1 concentrations: 10 nM (grey bars), 100 nM (checkerboard bars), 1 µM (hatched bars). Each bar is the mean (+/− SD) of at least five independent assays. Kruskal-Wallis and post hoc tests were used to monitor the significance of the differences. ns: no statistic differences. (*) p<0.05. (**) p<0.005. <i>Bottom panel</i>: Transposition rates (from the top panel) are plotted as a function of the amount of pBC-3T3 used in the assay, for each transposase concentration. 10 nM MOS1: black line, 100 nM: gray line, 1 µM: dotted line.</p>