<i>myc</i> heterozygotes have a reduced mutation frequency and increased lifespan.

<p>(A) Western analyses showing levels of Myc and the loading control γ-tubulin from 20 female adult heads of the genotypes +/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+ (labeled as +), <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+ (labeled as <i>myc</i>/+) and <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+; <i>myc:GFP</i>/+ (labeled as <i>myc</i>/+, <i>myc:GFP</i>). Adults were 1–4 days old. (B) <i>lacZ</i> mutation frequency of +/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+ (labeled as +) and <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+ (labeled as <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+) and <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+; myc:GFP/+ (labeled <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; myc:GFP/+). *indicates p<0.05 (student’s t-test). (C) Lifespan analyses of +/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+ (labeled as +), <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+ (labeled as <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+) and <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+; <i>myc:GFP</i>/+ (labeled as <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+, <i>myc:GFP</i>). The lifespan of <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+ heterozygotes is significantly different to +/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+ and <i>myc<sup>4</sup></i>/+; <i>lacZ</i> #2/+; <i>myc:GFP</i>/+ (which are indistinguishable) p = 0.002 (Log-rank test).</p>



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