<i>w</i>Mel inhibit the dissemination of ZIKV infection in Singapore’s <i>Ae</i>. <i>aegypti</i>.

<p>Titre of ZIKV in midguts and salivary glands of <i>w</i>Mel-Sg and WT <i>Ae</i>. <i>aegypti</i> at days 6, 9 and 13 post-infectious blood meal. ZIKV level is both midguts and salivary glands were determined using viral titration assay and expressed as Log<sub>10</sub>TCI<sub>50</sub>/mL. Bars denote median viral titres. *** denotes significant difference at P<0.05 by Mann-Whitney test. Each point represents an individual midgut/salivary glands.</p>