fntb-1 is expressed in VC4 and VC5 neurons.

(A) Pfntb-1::GFP expression in the mid-body region of an L4 hermaphrodite. Pfntb-1::GFP expression in the head (B) and tail (C) region of an L4 hermaphrodite. The fntb-1 promoter is active in neurons, vulval and rectal epithelial cells and in muscle cells. (D) Pfntb-1::GFP transcriptional activity in VC4 and VC5 (arrows), HSNs (asterisks) and vulval epithelial cells at the mid-L4 stage vulval region. (E) Adult vulval region showing FNTB-1::GFP protein fusion predominantly localized to the cytoplasm of VC4 and VC5 neurons. Panels A, D and E show ventral views. Panels B and C show side views. Scale bars, 10μm.