<i>N</i>‑Methoxy‑<i>N</i>‑methylcyanoformamide, a Highly Reactive Reagent for the Formation of β‑Keto Weinreb Amides and Unsymmetrical Ketones

2016-07-19T12:36:40Z (GMT) by Jeremy Nugent Brett D. Schwartz
A rapid and straightforward synthesis of the new and highly reactive reagent <i>N</i>-methoxy-<i>N</i>-methylcyanoformamide from trimethylsilyl cyanide and <i>N</i>-methoxy-<i>N</i>-methylcarbamoylimidazole, is reported. This reagent enables the one-pot preparation of β-carbonyl Weinreb amides from lithium enolates, one-carbon homologated Weinreb amides, and unsymmetrical ketones in one-pot procedures from various organometallic species.