<i>L</i>. <i>pneumophila</i> infection and stimulation with DNA or cGAMP induce weak cGAS-dependent type I IFN responses in THP-1 cells.

<p>WT THP-1 or cGAS-/- THP-1 clones A5 and B5 were allowed differentiation prior to stimulation with either cGAMP or synthetic DNA (A) or infection with two different strains of <i>L</i>. <i>pneumophila</i> (B). <i>IFNB</i> expression was determined by qRT-PCR. Data represent mean ± SEM of 2 independent experiments carried out in duplicates. Analyses were performed by employing the Mann-Whitney U Test. Comparisons with a p < 0.05 were considered significant.</p>