<i>Artemisietea vulgaris</i> in Romania – An overview

2014-12-10T19:05:49Z (GMT) by C. Biţă-Nicolae A. Indreica
<p>This paper summarizes present knowledge of the synanthropic nitrophilous communities dominated by tall herbs on the basis of the present <i>Artemisietea vulgaris</i> database. Floristic variability was examined also in detrended correspondence analysis. Each cluster was inspected for its ecological and floristic consistency. The final interpretable solution comprises five clusters. Species to clusters fidelity was calculated using ϕ coefficient. The ecological interpretation of the five groups was based on the average Pignatti indicator values. Groups were compared by using Tukey's honest significant difference test in conjunction with ANOVA. Finally, based on the statistical analysis, we established five alliances: <i>Onopordionacanthii</i>, <i>Matricario-Chenopodion</i>, <i>Dauco-Melilotion</i>, <i>Arctionlappae</i>, and <i>Convolvuloarvensis-Elytrigionrepenti</i>.</p>