ß-galactosidase activities of the recombinant BPSM(<i>ptx::lacZ</i>) strains harbouring BvgS variants.

<p>(A) Schematic representation of the chimeric BvgS, with the white boxes representing BvgS<sub>Bp</sub> domains and the shaded boxes BvgS<sub>Bb</sub> domains. BP<sub>WT</sub> corresponds to BPSM carrying the reporter gene. HK represents the His-kinase domain. (B) and (C) The ß-gal activities were measured as a function of increasing concentrations of nicotinate or MgSO<sub>4</sub>. The measurements were performed in triplicate using different clones for each recombinant strain. The level of ß-gal activity in non-modulated medium was taken as 100%.</p>