XLHMGA2 and XHMG-AT-hook1 DNA-binding properties.

<p>(A) Electrophoretic mobility shift assay performed with <i>in vitro</i> transcribed and translated (IVT) HA-tagged XLHMGA2βa (HA-XLA2ßa) and XHMG-AT-hook1 (HA–XATH1) proteins. Two different DNA probes were used: upper panel, E3 (0.1 pmoles); lower panel HCRII (0.1 pmoles); EMSAs were performed incubating 2, 4, and 6 µL of IVT proteins. (B) Western blot analysis of IVT proteins is shown (red ponceau stained membrane (left) and α-HA antibody recognition (right) to assess the production of the XLHMGA2βa and XHMG-AT-hook1 proteins.</p>