XLHMGA2βa, but not XHMG-AT-hook1, interacts with the same molecular partners of mammalian HMGA.

<p>(A) Blue coomassie stained analysis of different HMGA molecular partners produced as GST-fused protein and of GST alone. PR: pocket region; CT: C-terminal region; ZnF: Zinc finger region. (B) GST-pull down assays performed with the GST-fused HMGA molecular partners shown in panel A and IVT and [<sup>35</sup>S]-methionine radiolabeled XHMG-AT-hook1 (HA–XATH1), hHMGA2 (HA–hA2), and XLHMGA2βa (HA–XLA2βa). For each IVT protein used input is shown in lanes 1, 6, and 10 (10% of the amount used in GST-pull down experiments). GST alone is used as a negative control.</p>