XHMG-AT-hook proteins and organization of their transcripts and loci.

<p>(A) ClustalW alignment of XHMG-AT-hook protein isoforms. The amino acid sequences of the three different XHMG-AT-hook1-3 protein sequences (XATH1–3) found in <i>X. laevis</i> and of the one (XATH3) found in <i>X. tropicalis</i> are shown. The conserved AT-hooks are shown in bold; internal repeats are boxed in different shades of yellow or brown respectively. The C-terminal region is boxed in orange. (B) Genomic organization of the <i>Xhmg-at-hook</i> locus in <i>Xenopus tropicalis</i>. The exon/intron organization is indicated together with the proposed mechanisms of generation of the different <i>Xhmg-at-hook1-3</i> (<i>XATH1-3</i>) transcripts in <i>Xenopus laevis,</i> based on homology with the genomic sequences of <i>Xenopus tropicalis</i> (see also description in the text).</p>