White-gray-opaque transitions are independent of the <i>MTL</i>.

<p>(A) Cellular morphologies of white, gray and opaque cells of BJ1097a (<i>MTL</i><b>a</b>/Δ) and BJ1097α (<i>MTL</i>Δ/α). Scale bar, 10 µm. (B) White, gray, and opaque cells differ in mating efficiencies. Experimental strains with <i>MTL</i>Δ/α <i>URA3</i><sup>+</sup><i>sat1<sup>−</sup></i> (or <i>Clon−</i>) genotype: the <i>wor1/wor1, efg1/efg1</i>, <i>wor1/wor1 efg1/efg1</i> double mutants, and the wild type BJ1097α. Tester strain WT<b>a</b> (<i>MTL</i><b>a</b>/<b>a</b>, <i>ura3</i><sup>−</sup><i>Clon</i>+). Mating efficiency = average ± standard deviation (SD). The fold changes of mating efficiencies to that of WT white cells are also shown. The mean values were used for calculations.</p>