Treatment with IR stimulates the expression of Cav-1 protein.

(A) MDA-MB-468 cells were irradiated (5 Gy) for the indicated period of time, and then the treated cells were collected for Western blot analysis of Cav-1. β-actin was used as a loading control. Expression of Cav-1 and β-actin were quantified using imageJ software, and Cav-1 level was normalized to that of β-actin. The normalized Cav-1 at the zero time point was arbitrarily set as 1. Bar represent mean ± S.D. of three separate experiments. (B) MCF-7, NCI/ADR-RES, PC-3, T98G and MCF-10A cells were treated or untreated with 5 Gy ionizing radiation, and Cav-1 expression was analyzed by Western blot. Results shown are the representative of three identical experiments.



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