Transcription of the zebrafish <i>atxn7</i> gene during development.

<p>(A-F) <i>In situ</i> detection of zebrafish <i>atxn7</i> transcripts on either whole mount embryos at the four-cell stage (A), or 3 (B), 8 (C), 16 (D), and 48 hpf (E) or dissected brain of 120 hpf embryos (F). (I) RT-PCR analysis of zebrafish <i>atxn7</i> transcript accumulation in 1- (1 c), 4- to 16- (4–16 c), and 8- to 64-cell embryos (8–64 c), or 10 (10 h), 24 (24 h), 48 (48 h) and 72 to 96 hpf embryos (3–4 d) and dissected adult brain (Brain), cerebellum (Cer), spinal cord (SC), eye (Eye) and remaining tissues (Ad-brain). RT–PCR for <i>β-actin</i> is shown as a positive control. Abbreviations: Cer, cerebellum; MO, medulla oblongata; TeO, tectum opticum; Tel, telencephalon.</p>