Total number of <i>E. histolytica</i>, human and other proteins detected in 5 cyst samples.

<p>In 5 cyst samples, the total number of proteins detected by MS/MS analysis ranged from 982 (in sample 4268) to 1725 (in sample AM951). The maximum number of <i>E. histolytica</i> proteins detected in a sample was 167 (sample AM797), while the least number of <i>E. histolytica</i> protein was 75 (sample 4268). The percentages of total proteins belong to <i>E. histolytica</i> are shown inside the bar graphs for each sample, which ranged from 6.9% (for sample CMS33-7133 to 10.2% (for sample AM797).</p>



CC BY 4.0