Time course of stage-specific marker expression during neural differentiation of HM1 embryonic stem (ES) cells.

<p>(A) Summary of neural stage-specific markers used in this study. NSC: neural stem cells; NPC: neural progenitor cells. (B) Down-regulation of <i>Oct4</i> and <i>Rest</i> was observed as neural differentiation proceeded. (C) From day 2–8, the expression of NSC markers, <i>Nestin and Pax6</i> is observed. (D) NPC markers, <i>Mash1</i> and <i>Ngn1</i>, appeared in an overlapping but slightly later wave than NSC markers. (E) After 10 days of differentiation, markers of early (<i>Tubb3</i>) <i>and</i> mature neurons (<i>Syn</i>1 and <i>L1cam</i>) appeared.</p>