The minR reporter is repressed by Wnt signaling in circulating larval hemocytes.

<p>(<b>A–I</b>) Micrographs of mid 3<sup>rd</sup> instar larval (∼88–96 AEL) circulating hemocyte smears from strains containing the minR reporter, P[He-Gal4] and P[UAS-GFP] and either + (A–C), P[UAS-Arm*] (D–F) or P[UAS-DisArmed] (G–I) transgenes. Activation of Wnt signaling by Arm* or DisArmed expression inhibits reporter expression in most of the circulating hemocytes. (<b>J</b>) Quantification of the data (see <a href="" target="_blank">Materials and Methods</a>) using 5 larvae for each genotype and 10–15 hemocytes per larvae. ***p<0.001.</p>