The level of SHH expression was reduced in the cerebellums of <i>Rere</i><sup>om/eyes3</sup> embryos at E18.5.

2014-01-23T04:44:19Z (GMT) by Bum Jun Kim Daryl A. Scott
<p>A. Protein extracts prepared from the cerebellums of <i>Rere</i><sup>om/eyes3</sup> embryos and wild-type littermates at E18.5 were subjected to western blot analysis using an anti-SHH antibody and an anti-HSP70 antibody. Expression of SHH in the cerebellum of <i>Rere</i><sup>om/eyes3</sup> embryos was lower than that of their wild-type littermates. Expression of HSP70 was comparable between <i>Rere</i><sup>om/eyes3</sup> embryos and their wild-type littermates. B. To quantify the level of SHH expression, the density of the SHH band was normalized by the density of HSP 70 band in same blot. The expression level of SHH was significantly decreased in the cerebellums of <i>Rere</i><sup>om/eyes3</sup> embryos when compared to the level of SHH in the cerebellums of their wild-type littermates at E18.5 (three independent experiments were performed for quantification; *  = <i>p</i><0.01).</p>