The expression of stemness genes in GBM8401 parental, SP and non-SP (NSP) cells.

(A) RT-PCR analysis for the expressions of stemness markers (CD113, Oct-4), neuronal differentiation markers (nestin, β-tubulin III), DNA-repair enzyme (MGMT), stemness signaling pathway (Notch3, IHH, SMO) and drug-resistance genes (ABCG2, MDR1, MGMT). Except the neuronal differentiation marker β-tubulin III, all of the stemness genes expressions in SP cells were significantly higher than those in parental and non-SP (NSP) cells. The β-Actin and GAPDH were used as loading control. (B) Quantitative and statistical analysis data of (A) and two independent similar experiments. *, p<0.05 as compared with parental cells. (C) Western blot analysis for the protein levels of GBM CSC marker CD133 and TMZ resistance-associated protein MGMT. Both CD133 and MGMT protein levels were obviously much higher in the SP cells compared with the parental and non-SP cells. The Tubulin was used as loading control.