"The Shanghai Tael and the Currency of Shanghai"

2019-03-07T11:25:32Z (GMT) by Michael Schiltz
This item is one of many in the Morrison pamphlet collection at the Toyo Bunko Library in Tokyo (http://www.toyo-bunko.or.jp/toyobunko-e/library3/shozou/morison-e.html). This particular pamphlet discusses the nature of the "Shanghai tael" or 上海両, and how it relates to different tael units; it is of particular importance for its treatment of differences in assaying practices between Europe and China.

Courtesy of the Toyo Bunko: http://www.toyo-bunko.or.jp/

PS: According to e.g. the American Economic Review of 1920, this pamphlet was first published in the May issue of the Bankers Magazine (London, 1920), but this seems to be mistaken.