Data S1 - The Peritoneum Is Both a Source and Target of TGF-β in Women with Endometriosis

The TGF-β signalling targets array (Quigen, Manchester UK) assays 84 TGF-β regulated genes involved in functional processes, including; differentiation, proliferation, migration, apoptosis and cell cycle control. We made three comparisons using this methodology. Firstly we compared peritoneum from sites prone to developing endometriosis to control sites of peritoneam, in women without endometriosis. Secondly we compared peritoneum from women with endometriosis from sites adjacent and distal to endometriosis lesions. Finally we compared peritoneum from women with endometriosis at sites adjacent to endometriosis lesions to peritoneum from women without disease at sites prone to endometriosis. The overall expression profile for all functionally focused genes assayed is listed here. Genes are grouped according to functionality as listed by the manufacturer in the product specification literature. Due to several genes having a wide functionality, gene responses may be listed in more than one table.