The Mediator subunit MDT-15 regulates p38 MAP kinase PMK-1-dependent and independent immune genes in response to RPW-24.

<p>The expression of 118 <i>C. elegans</i> genes was analyzed using NanoString nCounter gene expression analysis in wild-type N2 and <i>pmk-1(km25)</i> animals (top) and in vector control (L4440) and <i>mdt-15(RNAi)</i> animals (bottom) exposed to either 70 µM RPW-24 or the solvent control DMSO. The 40 genes that were induced 4-fold or greater in wild-type N2 animals by RPW-24 are presented in <a href="" target="_blank">Figures 2</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">6</a>. The 13 genes that were dependent on the p38 MAP kinase PMK-1 for their induction in the top panel are grouped and indicated in the bottom panel. Data are the average of two replicates each of which was normalized to three control genes with error bars representing standard deviation and are presented as the value relative to the average expression from the replicates of the indicated gene in the baseline condition [N2 animals (top) or vector control (L4440) animals (bottom) exposed to DMSO]. We confirmed that <i>mdt-15</i> expression was significantly knocked down by <i>mdt-15(RNAi)</i> in each of these experiments (<i>p</i><0.001)(see <a href="" target="_blank">Figure S2A</a>). * <i>p</i><0.05 for the comparison of the RPW-24-induced conditions.</p>