The MPAKT/Hi-MYC phenotype is characterized by stromal inflammation.

<p>IHC of VP from mice aged 5–9 weeks, using antibodies to differentiate macrophages (Mac-2), B-lymphocytes (B-220) or T-lymphocytes (CD3). Note periglandular stromal infiltration (<i>arrows</i>) in areas of mPIN, unique to MPAKT/Hi-MYC (<i>right panels</i>) as compared to MPAKT or Hi-MYC. A few macrophages (<i>upper panels</i>) and T-lymphocytes (<i>lower panels</i>) are present within glandular epithelium in mPIN from MPAKT and Hi-MYC (<i>arrowheads</i>). Scale-bars: 50 µm.</p>