<i>TMEM45A</i> is not essential for the impermeability of the cornified layer.

<p><b>(A)</b> Toluidine blue exclusion assay in E16.5 and P1 of WT, KO and HET mouse littermates. <b>(B-C)</b> Permeability of the cornified layer of human epidermis reconstructed from keratinocytes transduced with NT or TMEM45A shRNA to Lucifer Yellow, tested after 7 or 11 days of reconstruction (n = 1). <b>(B)</b> After the incubation, the fluorescence in medium was quantified. <b>(C)</b> Tissues were processed and analyzed using fluorescence microscopy. The dotted lines delineate the polycarbonate filter (scale bars: 50 μm).</p>