TLR7 and TLR9 antagonist blocks pDC responses following SIV infection.

<p>(A) Percent of blood pDC producing IFN-α and TNF-α after stimulation with iSIV and influenza virus following SIVmac251 infection. Shown is the percent of cytokine-expressing pDC for each animal in untreated (n = 5) and DV056-treated (n = 4) groups as well as means for each group. The difference between untreated and DV056-treated profiles was statistically significant for both viruses and both cytokines (<i>P</i><.01). (B) IRF-7 expression in pDC from an untreated and DV056-treated macaque at day 0 and day 14 post infection after stimulation with iSIV (solid line) or no stimulation (dotted line) relative to isotype control antibody (filled histogram).</p>