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2013-02-20T08:54:26Z (GMT) by Yael Baran Eran Halperin
<p><b>-mer choice under the different models.</b> Error is measured as the sum of squared differences between true and estimated matrices. The plot presents, for different error thresholds, the number of runs out of which yielded a precision at least as small as the threshold. Using the original model, we extracted from each 100 bp read either the first -mer, 9 sparely dispersed -mer along it, 24 non-overlapping -mers or 96 overlapping -mers. Extracting multiple -mers can be seen to increase precision considerably. Shifting to the refined model yields an even better precision; since this model is more sensitive to dependencies between -mers, extracting only the fewer dispersed -mers is preferable over extracting all non-overlapping -mers.</p>