Src is phosphorylated on Y416 in response to MERTK activation in the RPE.

<p>Immunoreactivity of antibodies recognizing pY416 Src, Src, Mertk (C-terminal antibody), and Gapdh on western blots of cell and tissue homogenates. (A) HEK-293T cells transfected with full length MERTK (Mer) or kinase-dead R844C-MERTK (MerKD). (B) RPE/choroid homogenates from 4 wk old RCS congenic and dystrophic rats harvested at 1 h prior to light onset, and 1.5 h post light onset (peak of phagocytic uptake). CD, congenic rat RPE/choroid in the dark; DD, dystrophic in the dark; CL, congenic at peak activity; DL, dystrophic taken at peak activity. (C) RPE-J cells were incubated with OS and lysed at the times indicated, followed by western blot analysis. Results for pY416 Src are plotted as the mean fold change in band intensity. Error bars represent mean ± SEM, n = 3.</p>