Skull anatomy of Shastasaurus liangae comb. nov.

Photograph (A) and drawing (B) of the skull of the juvenile specimen YGMIR SPCV03108. Crushing lead to both the dorsal and the right lateral view being exposed. Note the greatly abbreviated rostrum, the complete lack of teeth, and the large foramina in the maxilla. Also note the nasals extending to the tip of the rostrum and the angular almost extending to the tip of the lower jaw. The extent of the left hyoid bone is highlighted by the arrows. Abbreviations: a, angular; d, dentary; f, frontal; hy, hyoid bone: j, jugal; l, lacrimal; mx, maxilla; pa, parietal; pf, postfrontal; pm, premaxilla; po, postorbital; prf, prefrontal; q, quadrate; sa, surangular; sq, squamosal; st, supratemporal.



CC BY 4.0