Simulations and performance of the 1D and 2D models in Task 1.

<p><i>A</i>: Schema of the task, explained in Results. <i>B</i>: Steady-state excerpts from three representative simulations, with different values of the environmental parameters τ, the time scale of the environment, and <i>f</i>, the fraction of the true stimulus <i>S</i><sub>t</sub> that is apparent in the noisy perceived stimulus <i>S</i><sub>p</sub>, and with either the 1D or the 2D model. In simulations 2 and 3, <i>S</i><sub>p</sub> is plotted sampled at 1/s, rather than 10/s as in simulation 1, to allow its structure to show through in these compressed plots. <i>C</i>: Performance of the 1D and 2D models, color-coded according to the scale shown on the right, over values of τ ranging from 1 to 1000 s (note the log scale) and <i>f</i> ranging from 1/3, where <i>S</i><sub>p</sub> is pure random noise with no information at all about <i>S</i><sub>t</sub>, to 1, where there is no noise at all and <i>S</i><sub>p</sub> is identical to <i>S</i><sub>t</sub> (see <a href="" target="_blank">Text S1</a>, Section 3.2). The locations of the three simulations in <i>B</i> are marked.</p>