Similarities between 16E7-grafts and HPV-infected anogenital neoplasias identified by immunohistochemistry.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Both PCNA and MCM7 displayed similar ectopic expression in most suprabasal cells of 16E7-grafts. In the basal layer, areas of expression coexisted with expression-free areas. (<b>B</b>) The same patterns were observed in tumor areas of cervical carcinoma samples where p16 was also present. PCNA and MCM7 expression expands progressively upwards in CIN1 and CIN3 (<b>C</b>), while most basal and subrabasal cells were stained in different cases of bowenoid papulosis (<b>D</b>). Middle panels in <b>C</b> and inserts in <b>D</b> highlight areas of basal cells showing negative staining for MCM7, PCNA and p16 (the latter, in CIN1). Dotted lines indicate the location of the basal membrane.</p>