Shared and unique proteins of <i>Cupriavidus</i> chromosomes.

<p>4-way comparison Venn diagram illustrating the intersection and differences between chromosomal replicons of completed <i>Cupriavidus</i> genomes. Intersections show the number of shared proteins between two or more organisms based on reciprocal best BLAST hits (see <a href="" target="_blank">Methods</a>). Numbers in parantheses depict the missing overlap sectors due to circular drawing and represent proteins shared between opposite genomes but absent in the other two genomes. Abbreviations: Cmet, <i>C. metallidurans</i> CH34; Cpin, <i>C. pinatubonensis</i> JMP134; Ceut, <i>C. eutrophus</i>; Ctai, <i>C. taiwanensis</i>.</p>



CC BY 4.0