Serologic and perturbed gene analysis of cattle vaccinated with arMP-12.

(A) Log10 plaque reducing neutralizing titers (Log10(PRNT80)) of test animals prior to and after vaccination with arMP-12. A dilution of 1:80 (log10 = 1.903) was used as the cutoff to determine protection from WT RVFV challenge based on prior published work. (B) Schematic of the immunologic status of test animals by day of experiment: unvaccinated (gray), vaccinated, below PRNT80 cutoff (light red), vaccinated, first day at or above PRNT80 cutoff (dark green), vaccinated, above PRNT80 (light green). (C) Summary count of significantly perturbed genes normalized against unvaccinated samples occurring in at least 50% of animals by day post inoculation, with a |Z-score ≥2.24| and a false discovery rate (FDR) ≤0.05.