Serologic and perturbed gene analysis of cattle vaccinated with arMP-12.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Log10 plaque reducing neutralizing titers (Log10(PRNT<sub>80</sub>)) of test animals prior to and after vaccination with arMP-12. A dilution of 1:80 (log10 = 1.903) was used as the cutoff to determine protection from WT RVFV challenge based on prior published work. (<b>B</b>) Schematic of the immunologic status of test animals by day of experiment: unvaccinated (gray), vaccinated, below PRNT<sub>80</sub> cutoff (light red), vaccinated, first day at or above PRNT<sub>80</sub> cutoff (dark green), vaccinated, above PRNT<sub>80</sub> (light green). (<b>C</b>) Summary count of significantly perturbed genes normalized against unvaccinated samples occurring in at least 50% of animals by day post inoculation, with a |Z-score ≥2.24| and a false discovery rate (FDR) ≤0.05.</p>