Schematic view of data from RNA-Seq and Microarrays.

<p>A: Venn diagram summarizing the overlap between differentially expressed genes from RNA-Seq (<i>left</i> circle) and Microarrays (<i>right</i> circle). The number of genes called by both methods is indicated by the overlap between the two circles. It also contains the numbers of up/down-regulated genes for each set in the Venn-Diagram. B: Comparison and correlations analyses of differentially expressed genes in RNA-Seq and Microarrays. The plot shows log2 ratios (bacteroids/free-living cells) of expressed genes in RNA-Seq (<i>x</i> axis) and Microarrays (<i>y</i> axis) (7043 genes in total). Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) is indicated for each comparison. C: Distribution of differentially expressed genes detected by RNA-Seq and Microarrays. Genes detected by RNA-Seq are shown with blue bars. Genes detected by Microarrays are shown with orange bars.</p>