Schematic vector maps of the silencing constructs used for transformation.

<p>Anti-sense constructs: <i>Dde</i> fragments of 198 or 523 bps were cloned in anti-sense orientation downstream of the <i>fcpA</i> promoter (pDDE-AS198 and pDDE-AS523). Inverted repeat constructs: <i>Dde</i> fragments of 293 and 523 bp lengths were cloned in sense and anti-sense orientation. The two fragments were linked with an <i>eGFP</i> fragment supposed to function as spacer. Amp: Ampicillin resistance; Zeo: Zeocin™ resistance; fcpA: Fucoxanthin Chlorophyll <i>a</i>/<i>c</i>-binding Protein A promoter; eGFP: enhanced green fluorescent protein.</p>