Schematic showing the experimental design of the study to identify the <i>Mta1</i> regulated genes with/without the effect of <i>P53</i>.

<p>RNA was extracted from all the samples Wild Type (WT), <i>Mta1</i> knock out (<i>Mta1-</i>KO), <i>Mta1</i> Re-expression in the <i>Mta1</i> knock out MEFS (<i>Mta1</i>-KO/<i>Mta1</i>), P53 knock out (<i>P53</i>-KO), <i>Mta1</i> over expression (OE) in the <i>P53</i> knock out MEFs ( <i>P53</i>-KO/<i>Mta1</i>). cDNA was prepared, processed and hybridized onto the Affymetrix Mouse Exon 1.0 ST arrays followed by the data analysis. Samples were compared to identify the differentially regulated genes and in turn the genes regulated by <i>Mta1</i> in <i>p53</i> dependent/independent manner and irrespective of <i>P53</i> status. Candidate genes were selected; these genes were validated using RT-qPCR assays in MEFs followed by RT-qPCR assays in MCF-7 human breast cancer cell line with the human homologs of the candidate mouse genes.</p>