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SPCLIP1 and TEP1cut are localized on the surface of E.coli bioparticles.

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posted on 05.09.2013 by Michael Povelones, Lavanya Bhagavatula, Hassan Yassine, Lee Aun Tan, Leanna M. Upton, Mike A. Osta, George K. Christophides

(A) Schematic overview of sample preparation. Hemolymph containing E. coli bioparticles was recovered 15 min after injection into mosquitoes after gene silencing. The bacteria were separated by centrifugation and the soluble fraction was collected. The bacterial pellet was washed with buffer and extracted for analysis. (B) Western blot analysis of soluble and bioparticle bound fractions using antibodies against TEP1 and SPCLIP1. Images are representative of two independent biological replicates.