Results under standard GWAS and MultiPhen approaches for genome-wide significant SNPs.

<p>¶ Nyholt-Šidák corrected for 4 comparisons. § Nyholt-Šidák corrected for 3 comparisons. Results compare univariate and MultiPhen <i>P</i> values, presented on the -log10 scale for ease of comparison, for all SNPs with genome-wide significant <i>P</i> values (>7.301 on the -log10 scale) from either approach. Genome-wide significant results shown in bold. The difference in terms of orders of magnitude of the MultiPhen <i>P</i> value on all phenotypes is relative to the most associated univariate phenotype; and the order of magnitude difference for MultiPhen where the most associated phenotype is excluded is relative to the univariate result also excluding the most associated phenotype.</p>