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Rescue effect of kinetin on IKBKAP expression and concomitantly on in FD-hESC derived PNS neurons.

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posted on 05.10.2015 by Sharon Lefler, Malkiel A. Cohen, Gal Kantor, David Cheishvili, Aviel Even, Anastasya Birger, Tikva Turetsky, Yaniv Gil, Sharona Even-Ram, Einat Aizenman, Nibal Bashir, Channa Maayan, Aharon Razin, Benjamim E. Reubinoff, Miguel Weil

(A) RT-PCR results of one day kinetin treatment on FD-hESC derived PNS neurons showing the drug correcting effect on FD alternative splicing. (B) qRT-PCR analysis of the relative quantification levels represented as mean ± s.d. of IKBKAP and co-regulated functional candidates in FD neurons following one day kinetin treatment. * P<0.05 **P<0.01. (C-K) Effect of 4 weeks kinetin treatment on the expression of IKAP in FD-hESC derived PNS neurons (C-D, untreated and E-F, 4 weeks kinetin treated by immunofluorescence confocal analysis. (G) Quantification of IKAP mean levels calculated from mean RGB after 4 weeks kinetin treatment on these cells (C-K). * P<0.05. (H-K) Effect of 4 weeks kinetin treatment (J and K) on the expression of Rab3a (H and J) and GRIA1 (I and K) in FD-hESC derived PNS neurons by immunofluorescence confocal analysis. Mouse anti-hIKAP antibody (Abnova Corporation) was used in these experiments.