Relation of the Percent Difference in Connectance to Invasion Index

Percent difference represents the connectance of the native plant-pollinator sub-web (CN) relative to the entire web (CC) and was estimated as 100 · . Negative and positive connectance differences indicate that native sub-webs are less or more connected than their respective entire webs. We compared the connectances of the native sub-web and the sub-web formed by all other interactions by means of χ2 test with df = 1. Asterisks indicate significant (p < 0.05) deviations. The solid line represents the best linear fit (y = 21.2 – 61.6x, r2= 0.300, F = 3.41, df = 1, 8, p = 0.10). N = 10 pollination webs. Symbols as in Figure 1.




CC BY 4.0