Regions where connectivity with fronto-parietal seeds was greater in OCD patients than control subjects.

Regions shown are corrected for multiple comparisons across the whole-brain at p<.05.

BA = Brodmann's area(s); k = number of voxels; Z = maximum z-score; L = left; R = right; B = bilateral; PCC = posterior cingulate cortex; pIPL = posterior inferior parietal lobule; DMPFC = dorsomedial prefrontal cortex; aMFC = anterior medial prefrontal cortex; aI/fO = anterior insula/frontal operculum; coordinates are in MNI space. ±Coordinates represent subpeaks of cluster.


Group differences were driven by regions showing positive connectivity in OCD that was reduced or absent in controls (“↑ positivity"), negative connectivity in controls that was reduced or absent in OCD (“↓ negativity"), or positive connectivity in OCD and negative connectivity in controls (“↑ positivity/↓ negativity").