Rapamycin restored protein levels of dendritic ion channels in hippocampi from rats subjected to SE.

<p>(<b>A–B</b>) We used western blotting to measure the protein levels of several ion channels in hippocampi from SE and sham rats after treatment with rapamycin (Rap) or vehicle (Veh) following the behavioral tests. (<b>A</b>) Representative western blots probed with the antibodies against Kv4.2, Kv1.1, Kv1.2, Kv1.4, SK2, HCN1, HCN2 channels and actin are shown. (<b>B</b>) Analysis of immunoreactive bands revealed significantly lower levels of Kv4.2, Kv1.4, SK2, and HCN1 in the SE+Veh compared with the Sham+Veh group. In the SE+Rap group, rapamycin rescued basal levels of Kv4.2, Kv1.4, and HCN1 channels with a partial rescue of SK2. Levels of Kv1.1, Kv1.2 or HCN2 were not changed in the SE group and rapamycin treatment had no effect on these channels. Note that blots for Kv4.2, Kv1.4, SK2 and HCN2 were run in the same gel but were noncontiguous. * compared to Sham+Veh, <i>P<</i>0.05; † compared to SE+Veh, <i>P<</i>0.05, ANOVA with Tukey’s <i>post hoc</i> test; n = 5−8; SK2: n = 3−4. Error bars = SEM.</p>