Radotinib induces CD11b+Annexin V+ cells in AML cell lines.

Cells were incubated with various concentrations of radotinib and/or ATRA for 72 h, harvested and immunostained with anti-human antibodies against CD11b and Annexin V, as described in the Methods. (A) NB4. (B) HL60. (C) Kasumi-1. (D) THP-1. (E) The CD11b+Annexin V+ cells in HL60. (F) Annexin V+ in the CD11b+ gated cells. (G) Schedule of differentiation induced cell death (plans A, B, C and D). (H) Cell death data by the respective plan. Data represent the mean ± SEM. Statistically significant differences from the DMSO-treated control (*) or ATRA treatment (#) are denoted as follows.*, #: P < 0.05; **, ##: P < 0.01; ***, ###: P < 0.001. Rd, radotinib; Das, dasatinib; ATRA, all-trans retinoic acid.