RERE is expressed in the developing cerebellum.

2014-01-23T04:44:19Z (GMT) by Bum Jun Kim Daryl A. Scott
<p>A–D. Mid-sagittal sections of the vermis region were prepared from wild-type embryonic and postnatal mouse cerebellums at E15.5 (A), E17.5 (B), P0 (C), and P14 (D) and were stained with an anti-RERE antibody. RERE-positive cells were labeled with a red color and DAPI was used for counter staining. Inserts represent high magnification views of the boxed areas. A. RERE-positive cells are detected in the cortex of the cerebellum but not in the rhombic lip at E15.5. B. RERE expression is maintained in the entire cerebellum at E17.5. C–D. RERE immunoreactivity is particularly strong in the Purkinje cell layer at P0 (C) and P14 (D). EGL, external granule cell layer; IGL, internal granule cell layer; Mb, midbrain; ML, molecular layer; PCL, Purkinje cell layer; RL, rhombi lip. Scale bar  = 100 µm.</p>