Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of expression of <i>PpGST</i> genes in fruit under 0.2 mM IAA treatments.

<p>Expression of <i>PpGST1</i> and <i>PpGST2</i> was analysed in 10 d after harvest fruit at 0.2 mM IAA treatment for 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36 h. Relative value of <i>PpGST1</i> and <i>PpGST2</i> expression in pear fruit including different time courses of 0.2 mM IAA treatment is shown as a percentage of β-actin expression activity. Mean values and standard errors (bar) were shown from three independent experiments. Values shown are means±SD for three replicates. Independent t tests for equality of means demonstrated that there was significant difference (*P value<0.05) or very significant difference (**P value<0.01) between control and treated fruit.</p>