Protein-Protein interaction networks in RVFV complexes II and IV.

Proteins in native complexes II and IV are involved in multiple interactions with other proteins in their respective complexes. Interactions were mapped using the Ingenuity knowledge base (orange edges), and the STRING database (red edges). Black edges represent interactions annotated by both sources. (A) Native complex II: ENO1 α-enolase, PKM2 pyruvate kinase muscle, ACTN1 actinin-α1, ACTB beta actin, CCT4 chaperone containing TCP1, IGHA1 Immunoglobulin heavy chain α, ANXA2 annexin A2, TLN1 talin 1, VCP valosin-containing (TER ATPase), HBB hemoglobin beta, HSP90AB1 HSP 90 α class B mem 1, FLNA filamin A, FN1 fibronectin1, PIGR polymeric immunoglobulin receptor, HSPA5 HSP 70, protein 5 (GRP-78), HBA hemoglobin alpha, F2 coagulation factor II, PABPC1 polyA binding protein, A2M α-2-macroglobulin, ALB albumin. (B) Native complex IV: LGALS8 galectin-8, CD151 CD151, ITGA3 Integrin α 3, ITGB1 Integrin β 1, ITGA1 Integrin α 1, HBB hemoglobin beta, ACTN4 actinin-α4, HBA hemoglobin alpha, HSP90AA1 HSP 90 α class A mem 1, FLNC filamin C, HSPA5 HSP 70, protein 5 (GRP-78), ALB albumin, APOA1 apolipoprotein A1, FTH1 ferritin polypeptide 1.